Line Up

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Bermuda Bay

Bermuda Bay, a 5 piece indie pop outfit from Adelaide, have been playing and growing together since they were 14. Born out of Brighton Secondary School’s music program, the band has experienced and played a wide range of musical styles which is reflected in their unique sound and dynamic.

A jam-packed few years has seen the band share the stage alongside national acts such as Confidence Man, Alice Ivy, Alpine, and The Babe Rainbow, as well as making appearances at Field Good Festival, and the Adelaide Superloop 500.

In 2020, Bermuda Bay released their latest single “All My Life”, the culmination of their latest love for pop, soul, and funk. The release of the single has seen the band be selected as a triple j Unearthed Feature Artist, achieving daily national radio plays and rave reviews. This has set the group up well ahead of the release of their sophomore EP.

Don't Bring Stacey

Some say the best things in life are the people you surround yourself with and the memories you create with them. After meeting in their early life and developing a bond throughout their teenage years, best friends Jordan, Nik, Kyle & Angus have an existence of fond memories together, culminating in their band Don’t Bring Stacey.

In the years that followed, the boys have fostered their love for indie / alt rock, skating, and of course the finest, coldest brew of freshly squeezed, sweet, sweet lemonade. Drawing inspiration from their experiences, the group have gone on to release multiple singles that express their vitality, their ups and downs and their lust for life in the most creative form.

The Empty Threats

The Empty Threats are an alluring 5-piece alternative psych-rock band from Kaurna Land/Adelaide in South Australia. With a perfect blend of psychedelia, new wave and grit, the band have rapidly gained popularity for their captivating and unique live performance, and are a cornerstone live act amongst the Adelaide music community.

Despite the challenges of 2020, in the past 12 months alone they played numerous sold-out hometown shows. The band have previously shared the stage with Methyl Ethyl, A Swayze & The Ghosts, The Babe Rainbow, Mildlife, The Vanns, and fellow Adelaide sweethearts Teenage Joans (Triple J Unearthed High, 2020). 


Growing up on South Australia’s West Coast, three young aboriginal brothers from Port Lincoln developed a deep passion for hip hop and rap music.

Now known as LBG and based in Adelaide, we write, rap, produce beats and refine raw creativity and our brand together. LBG is now ready to show the world our music and inspire the younger generation with a positive message: anything is possible.

Mum Friends

Your Mum Friends are back! Coming off of their sold-out debut single release ‘Rails’, Mum Friends continue to weave through the (all too relatable) post break-up haircuts and the strenuous task of being in your 20s in the 2020s with their new release ‘Woke Fuckboy’.

Crowds have been yelling along since the band broke into the scene in December 2019, having since played alongside TOWNS, Teenage Joans, RAT!hammock and Cry Club. Now lovingly supported by Vanessa Marousopoulos (Keeskea) and Annie Siegmann (Seabass) this no man, no meat eating, all queer band solidified their place in the genre of ‘Australian Women Who Have F***ing Had It’.


Oscar The Wild

Since their inception in early 2018, Oscar the Wild have played their way into the hearts of punters around Adelaide. Quickly making a name for themselves, these four have had three massive years together and show no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Their eclectic bubblegrunge sound, influenced by jazz, rock and punk, has struck a chord with people in their home town, as has their larger than life stage presence.

In 2020 and 2021, they have taken the time to refine their sound musically and their voice politically. On the back of their 2020 release ‘My Daisy’, they are excited to release their favourite, most personal song yet, ‘AAA’ in mid-2021.